The 4 Aspects of Holistic Health

Emotional Health

This connects to our emotions, feelings about ourselves and others around us. Our needs to keep us emotionally balanced, nurtured, and stable in our lives.

Spiritual Health

This connects to our energy body, chakras, internal faith in ourselves, our connection to intuition, spiritual wellness routine, and our personal relationship to our self or higher power.

Mental Health

This connects to our mindsets, thoughts about ourselves, belief systems/mental programs we function on everyday, mental stability, and our cognitive function. 

Physical Health

This connects to the way we treat our body through our diet, everyday lifestyle habits, exercise routine, etc. It's the overall health and state of our physical body.

Spiritual Tip for Today

Speak kindly to yourself. All is happening in divine timing. Things are coming faster than you expect


Lacee Getter

Owner of Soulful Love Living

Holistic Health Coach, Nutrition Coach, Vegan advocate & Yoga Teacher

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