Service Testimonials 

1. "I highly recommend Lacee Getter’s nutritional coaching. Lacee has a comprehensive knowledge on the nourishment the human body needs to thrive. She combines this knowledge with her beautiful intuitive abilities. Therefore, Lacee knows how to create a nutritional plan that caters uniquely to each individual’s needs. Her enthusiasm and passion for helping people become the healthiest versions of themselves is very apparent. She invests her all in her clients, and her practice has a very caring, heartfelt approach." - Brianne, Virginia Beach, VA

2. "Anyone who's looking for a burst of positive, loving energy when asking questions definitely get a reading with Lacee.  Not only is she full of practical insights, she also uses her sharp intuition and channeling skills, along with many different kinds of cards that help to paint a clear picture.  Even though I asked some pretty general questions, she offered many more details than expected.  All of them were 100 percent accurate to my situation. Lacee was also prompt with her correspondence and when her reading was delivered, she was mindful to keep an eye on her timing.  She delivered exactly 30 minutes, but it felt like a much longer, more in-depth reading.  Once the recording was delivered, she even sent a confirmation email that the transaction was complete.  Most important, her energy is totally uplifting -- full of love, light and joy.  Thank you, Lacee."  - Erin, Minneapolis, MN

3. "I really enjoyed working with Lacee. She gives you a clearer picture of the situation and how to handle it. She also doesn't sugar coat anything which I really like. She's very attentive and open to your questions. She doesn't rush you and is fully engaged." - Rasha (location requested to stay anonymous)

4. "SHE IS A ROCKET!!! A PURE DIAMOND!!! Fast, wise, straight to the point, compassionate, with a deep sense of humor. She is a GODDESS, a representation of the Divine Feminine, totally connected to the Highest Universal Wisdom. " - Ivonne, Frankfurt, Germany